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Robert Barnett

Very thankful for my animal family members. They are such a blessing to me. (friendlytime:days)

Brenda Fillinger

Sweet Pea now has a picture but is feeling a bit timid among those horses and cats! (friendlytime:days)

Nicole Carnes

How wonderful to have a loving puppy to care for you when you're sad. (friendlytime:days)

Leslie Becker

Three new friends have boarded the ARK, Sunny, Scooter and Harley (friendlytime:days)

Taylor Barnett

It's a cold night, but i love to see the horses cozy in their blankets. (friendlytime:days)

John Kosloskey

@Buster Try rubbing coconut oil on the problem area. This article offers a few other suggestions. Good luck :) (friendlytime:days)

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