Ark Animal Space is owned by Ark Animals Ministries; whose mission is to highlight the messages God is showing through His animal creations every day. As a social platform, our site offers the opportunity to share unique stories about our animals while coming together with others who love to talk about and showcase their own pets.

In addition, to your member profile, you can also create a sub-profile for each of your animals. Whether an organization, member, or animal; everyone on the Ark can easily be found in their respective rooms. You can interact by posting a status to the News Feed, following other members or organizations, as well as uploading, commenting and sharing photos.

In the days of Noah, the Ark provided a place of refuge where animals and man found safety and peace together in violent and turbulent times. In that one large boat, man and beast dwelt together, waiting on and trusting in God to get them through the flood. In like fashion, we have built a worldwide Ark Animal Space platform for all to come together to share about the special support and care an animal has provided in one's life.

We believe God gave every person a special purpose to fulfill in this life and gave every animal a unique assignment to share the ministry of unquestioning affection, loyalty, love and care to people. Join us in this venture and help build the Ark!

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