The Incredible Power of Tender Companionship

Monkey Hugging Dove

There are many people who have a special need for tenderness.


Deer & KittenWe cannot know the secret burdens that many of those around us are carrying. There are hidden griefs that burn like heated embers deep within. Not all grief is obvious because it is not revealed in the garb of mourning. Sometimes the brightest faces conceal very heavy hearts that would never ask for sympathy yet long for tenderness. Even Jesus longed for someone just to be there when He was in the garden praying in agony. He needed no words, just alert companionship. He longed for someone just to sense His need and be attentively there in support.

These animals wonderfully depict the security and comfort expressed through companionship. What made them “friends” was their need, and it transcended any differences they had.

Puppy & Kitten
Duckling & Baby Owl
Dog Kissing Deer
Baby Tiger & Monkey
Monkey and Cat
Horse and Cat
Monkey Hugging Dog
Dolphin Kissing Dog
Duck Feeding Koi
Monkey Hugging Dove
Dog Kissing Tiger Cubs


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