A Present Help In Times of Trouble – Psalm 91:4

Baby Bird Under Mom's Wing

“He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark” (NASB, Psalm 91:4).
Baby Bird Under Mom's WingGod often uses the behavior of animals to showcase His nature. Until I saw this picture, it was hard to grasp the image the words portrayed. But here in this picture, we can understand what the passage means as we see the young finding comfort under the wings of a parent. I remember when my children were young how a night time thunderstorm would cause them to flee to the protection of our bedroom. There, next to mom and dad, they found a sense of safety, wiggling as close to us as they could. Those moments where we huddled together became a fond memory instead of a cruel nightmare. To this day, retelling those childhood occasions produce laughter and joy rather than anything close to fear.

That is what God can do for us in the midst of all of our troubles. If we draw near to Him, we can count on His presence to provide parental comfort. He will take the moments of our trials and make a fond memory causing all things to work together for the good.

Times of Refreshing

Bulldog on Ice

Bull Dog on IceAfter his family had returned from a vacation, their ice chest was emptied on the driveway. Without any prompting, this bulldog found a wonderful moment of refreshment and jumped right in without hesitation. You can imagine how much relief this was on a hot and humid day. Times of refreshing are something we all need periodically; moments that restore us and revive us to continue on. Without them we wear out and lose inspiration, but with them we can continue to smile at the future.
This is exactly what God offers to us as we are on our journey in life. He says that times of refreshing will come from His presence if we will come to Him (NASB, Acts 3:19). When the Israelites were journeying to the Promised Land, God provided water to quench their thirst. For forty years, He met the needs of the countless men, women, and children who were vulnerable in the wilderness by providing rest, food, and water. Likewise, He will make provision today for our needs.
Be as brave as that bulldog. Jump right in without hesitation and trust in His capability to restore and refresh.